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The avalanche rescue dogs are amazing.  They hop on a chairlift every morning around 8:15 am for an airborne commute to their place of employment.  Top of the mountain.  Each ski resort in Utah has several rescue dogs.  They are similar to our human heroes – like firemen that are on call at all times to save lives and/or do whatever is necessary to make sure that victims of tragic accidents are found as soon as possible.

These fearless Fido’s perform rescue missions in the backcountry and also assist with county emergencies where their skillsets are needed.

Last September, the dogs took a critical rescue road trip with their handlers to southern Utah where they helped to sift through debris for missing victims of a horrific flood.  They had to dig through piles of mud, fallen trees, rocks, and more.Rescue-Dog-Murdock_edited-1

We attended the Backcountry Bow Wow fundraiser to support these amazing dogs in addition to their trainers and sponsors – Wasatch Backcountry Rescue and the Canyons Professional Ski Patrol Association.  Wasatch Backcountry Rescue (WBR) is an organization that provides training for the dog rescue teams and certification for individual dogs.

The fundraiser was very cool, but a bit strange, only because the rescue dogs were in full uniform at a crowded bar.  These courageous pooches didn’t seem to mind at all and fully embraced the celebrity vibe.  They accepted tips graciously, much like a dancer at a strip club.  How fun is that?

We hope the event raised lots of money for our four-legged heroes.

Rock On, Rescue Dogs!  Woot!!  I mean Woof!!