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I checked out one of the Online auction sites for possible fundraising opportunities.

I have some beautiful pieces of art from Thomas Pergola and wondered if I could auction them off to raise funds for the GrooveAbility Grant.

I checked out an online auction platform called  Bidding For Good that our local nonprofit radio station KPCW in Park City, Utah uses to raise funds and scheduled a meeting with a representative.  We discussed the features, benefits and costs for online fundraising with their auction platform.  Sarah was great to speak with and gave me the scoop.


  • Online Fundraising platform
  • Access to Foundations that are donors
  • Access to Auction Pools where approximately 30% of sales/donations are often made.

Costs to Groove On UP:

  • Annual cost ~ approximately $900.00
  • Fee per item – approximately 9%


Can we afford it?  Not yet.  But overall, they seemed like a great company.  If anyone would like to bid on the Tom Pergola Jellybeans piece in the featured photo, please complete the contact form or send us an email at