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Humbling. Although there is excitement with possibilities of making our groove mission actually happen, it’s hard to ask for money. It’s also frustrating when you muster up the courage and spend the time to put yourself out there….  and nothing happens.

I built the GoFund Me campaign and sent it out to over 1000 followers on Twitter for both Groove On UP and MoneyDogz.

“If you build it they will come”

That’s what the voices in the sky told Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams” ~ and eventually it happened ~ ~Whew!

Twitter Friday, Feb 12 4:01 pm MT to 1055 Followers.

Twitter Saturday, Feb 13 6:58 am MT to 1160 Followers

Twitter ~ Saturday evening.  I was feeling a bit desperate, just looking for a 1$ donation.  Anyone?  How about .50?  I received an automated Twitter message from a friendly chap asking if he could help, so I gave ‘er a go. I made sure to offer something in return which was liking his Facebook page.  Not enough I guess.   I’m sure he is a good guy being cautious, not having enough time, and so on.  You can’t blame him. Or anyone that chooses not to donate for that matter.  But there’s still hope…


We are going to hang in there… we are here for the duration.

Starting out at the bottom is all part of how great it is to Groove On UP 🙂

Go Fund Me 🙂