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Who:  People with Disabilities, Elderly, Community

What:  Music lessons and workshops. We will host music workshops and provide a grant recipient weekly music lessons in Summit County, Utah that will educate and inspire the budding musician to cultivate a life-long empowering talent that could greatly improve their future and quality of life. We will follow musical journeys and post photos and videos of progress,

When: Spring 2018

Where:  Summit County, Utah

Options: In-home, Music School

Why:  Change mindset from disabled to groove-abled. Cultivate talent. Gain inspiration, depth and knowledge from great instructors.

How:  Donate to the cause.  Suggest a person with disabilities that would benefit.

Winner:  The winner of the Groovability Grant will have all tuition expenses paid for weekly lessons in their choice of instrument for a period of 6 months..

Enable Groovability

Please support the Groovability Grant!  Join us and share in the enthusiasm of this challenge.