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Yesterday, I attended the open roundtable series sponsored by Park City Community Foundation who provides both a platform and support system for local nonprofits.

It was a great talk by Jody Gross on how to work with both volunteers and donors. She presented her lessons learned through her extensive background in volunteer work as a leader and much more.

I found myself having a vision of having both volunteers and monetary supporters. That was worth the effort to get to the meeting in itself.

I asked for the time off work and adjusted my hours to make up the time. Many attendees were getting paid while they were at the meeting because they were on salary with their organizations. How great is it that you can actually have a career supporting social good?

I introduced myself to the gal next to me and something very cool happened. A problem was solved.

How? Our first Groove Mission is the GrooveAbility Grant where we will send a physically challenged child to weekly music lessons for an empowering and enriching experience that may result in an enhanced future and life.

But where was my connection to the schools so I could find candidates to be the first recipient?

She was sitting right next to me.  Of course!  How cool is that?

Inspiring. Educational. Refreshing. Unexpected Bonuses. We will be attending these meetings from here on in.

We are one step closer to the GrooveAbility Grant lift off  ↑

If you would like to support a physically challenged child receive the GrooveAbility Grant for music lessons, you can make a donation below. We are brand new and could really use help.  Thank you!