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Videos.  I love being in the right place at the right time to capture footage that might support a good cause.  I don’t have professional equipment, but my I-Phone does pretty well.  This “Shop with a Cop” video was created and mostly edited on a flight from San Antonio to Salt Lake City on the I-Phone.  Most importantly ~ We love cops. We love kids.  We loved doing this video.  Here it is… plus the background story.

My Mom & I hit the town bright and early on a Saturday morning, about the same time the annual holiday ‘Shop With A Cop’ was to take place in early December 2015. We wanted to catch the procession of police vehicles cruising down the main drag of Park City, Utah with guest passengers comprised of some very excited underprivileged kids that were about to spend a big chunk of dough.  So, we found a perfect spot to pull over to witness a piece of the impressive and heartwarming event.

The sun was just barely rising and the caravan of sirens and lights emerged from the brimming sunlight in a surrealistic vision.The motorized parade (we’ll call it a motorcade) was on its way to Wal-Mart, the final destination.  It was truly a gorgeous sight. I may have gotten carried away with the enhanced photo above 🙂 but the video itself actually captured a piece of the cool vibe.  There were cruisers, fire trucks, SWAT team vehicles….. cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. I don’t know how many vehicles there were in total, but there were a lot.  I was out there in the cold with my IPhone in full swing video mode and had to bail after my freezing hands decided they were done after about 4 minutes of holiday motorcade video.

So, it was time to put the gloves back on, get back in the car, warm up, and tailgate the impressively long string of law enforcement vehicles.

The scene at Wal-Mart was delightful.  I don’t use that word often.  (Or maybe I do tend to use it more than the average bear.)

The children were soooo happy to get to spend the $150 debit card they received through the generosity of many donors to the Fraternal Order of Police.  The video captured some very sweet moments between federal, state and local law enforcement and kids of all ages.

I loved it when a police officer tried to persuade a child whose cart was full of toys into buying the ultimate undesirable object for a typical kid. “OK, now would you like to go purchase some books?”  The little boy did not respond.  In fact, he completely ignored the suggestion as if the words were never spoken.  Not one book ever made it into the shopping cart 🙂

If you would like to contribute to Shop With a Cop next year during the holiday season to help with this wonderful event, contact your local Fraternal Order of Police.